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Build your perfect garage door in just 6 easy steps

We decided to make choosing your garage door even more simple. Try our quick and easy Door Builder which can even generate enquiries with your local specialist Garador installer.

It is a simple 6 stage process: simply enter your opening dimensions, choose the type of door you want (Up & Over, Roller, Side Hinged or Sectional) and then select the actual door from our huge range of styles. The door builder will only offer you garage doors available in your size and then allows you to choose from a range of options, colours and handles.

Begin by entering your dimensions in the boxes above

Use the Door Builder to request a quote from your nearest stockist and installer

After configuring your garage door you can request a quote from your nearest Garador stockist and installer.

Choose from a selection of recommended Garador installers across the UK, with extensive experience of installing our garage doors.