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Garage Doors Explained

With so many different types and variations of garage door, we thought it would help to explain what each type of Garador garage door does. We have also developed a series of quick and simple YouTube product information videos to show the different features and benefits of each door.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Garador up & over garage doors are the perfect choice for most homeowners as they are reliable, functional and attractive. They are available with either canopy or retractable gearing.

Canopy gearing means the door panel runs vertically on tracks on the side frame and a spring assembly on the top of the frame. When open, the door panel protrudes approximately 1/3 forming a canopy. There are no tracks running back into the garage when the door is closed. Retractable gearing means the door panel opens on horizontal tracks which go back into the garage, and this type of gear has been design specifically for use with an electric operator. Both gear types come with an anti-drop safety device. Garador steel doors are manufactured with a durable baked on powder coated finish, and a smooth rivet free panel. They also feature a strong box section chassis and are manufactured from high grade galvanised steel.

Up & Over garage doors are available in a choice of 3 different materials: steel, timber and GRP, and a range of colours and finishes. All up & over doors are easy to install and come with full technical and warranty support.

Guardian Range Up & Over Garage Doors

The Garador Guardian Range are Secured by Design garage doors that have to meet the standards set by the Association of Chief Police Officers to ensure that it can withstand a break-in by a burglar.

Secured by Design accreditation is only available on Garador steel up & over garage doors, currently in Horizon and Carlton styles. These doors featured eight door braces rather than two on the rear of the door for extra strength. They also have additional steel plates fitted to the base of the door, to protect bottom locking points. The Locking systems have also been upgraded, with a new anti-snap cylinder on the lock itself and a steel plate to protect the lock body. These doors can be supplied in a choice of any one of seven standard colours, with either canopy or retractable gearing. These doors are available in a range of standard and purpose made sizes; please refer to the Garador price list for details. Unfortunately at present, the Guardian Range are not available as double doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

Garador Sectional garage doors are one of the best engineered garage door on the market, providing excellent security for homeowners. The door is split into sections which run on vertical and then horizontal tracks back into the garage. These doors rise vertically with no loss of driveway space in front of the garage, and provide full opening drive through width, giving extra room for wider vehicles.

Sectional garage doors come with a choice of insulation options, including classic and premium. Classic doors are uninsulated and premium insulated doors have 42mm insulation. They feature rubber weather seals on all sections of the door, to help keep heat in and water out. These doors are perfect for manual or electric operation.

GaraRoll Roller Garage Doors

The Garador roller door is made up of insulated aluminium laths which vertically lift and then roll into a box at the head of the garage door opening. The Garador roller door offers a compact solution for garages that want to retain the ceiling area or access to the roof.

The roller door is the only spring-assisted roller door on the market. The spring helps to reduce the strain placed on the electric motor, ensuring it has a longer service life, and is much easier to operate manually by hand without the need for a hand crank. The rust resistant aluminium lathes mean this door is the perfect choice for homeowners with a property by the coast.

Roller garage doors are available in a choice of colours and timber effect foil coatings, and are supplied complete with an electric operator and two handsets as standard. The door also features an internal wall button and courtesy light so you can see on those dark winter nights.

Side-hinged Garage Doors

Garador Side-Hinged garage doors come built onto their own steel frame, and open outwards to provide clear and unrestricted space within the garage.

These doors provide full drive through height, and a shoot bolt latch at the top and bottom of the door. Steel hinges are securely fitted to the frame, to ensure reliable function. Weather seals around 3 sides of the door help to prevent draughts. The centre style on the edge of the right side door helps to prevent forced entry to the locking system. These doors are available in steel and timber, with a range of colour finishes and sizes.