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Garador roller garage doors open vertically and roll into a compact box at the head of the garage door openng, requiring minimal space inside the garage. This space-saving design means you can make full use of the space inside your garage. We offer two different models of roller garage doors: the GaraRoll and the GaraGlide. 

The GaraRoll roller garage door combines a space saving design with the convenience of an electrically operated door. It uses a chain-driven operator and unique spring balanced system, minimising strain on the motor and ensuring a long service life. As the operator on these roller doors uses force limitation technology (pressure sensitivity) they automatically recognise obstructions and safely reverse, making an additional closing edge safety device unnecessary. Available in a choice of colours and timber effect foil coatings, these roller garage doors can be fitted either between or behind the opening.

The GaraGlide combines a tubular motor driven design with the convenience of an automatic roller garage door. At a significantly lower cost, it is a great choice for those seeking a lower price roller door. The GaraGlide roller door incorporates an internal courtesy light, optical safety sensor and a well-engineered design. The door curtain on this roller garage door lifts vertically and rolls into a box at the head of the garage door opening, providing more space in front of the garage and inside the garage than a traditional door design. Both the GaraRoll and GaraGlide, are constructed using aluminium profiles that are filled with a CFC free polyurethane foam which provides good thermal insulation to enhance energy savings and also contributes to a quiet door action. The smooth surface of the aluminium profiles looks modern and elegant, and is easy to clean with a high quality coating on the outside and inside of the door’s surface. 

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