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GaraRoll Roller Doors: Timber Effect Finish


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Timber Effect Finish

The GaraRoll roller door timber effect finish combines a space saving design with the convenience of an electrically operated automatic door. The timber effect matches most modern and traditional homes, and complements existing wooden architectural features. The GaraRoll is an aluminium insulated lathed roller garage door which vertically lifts, then rolls into a box at the head of the garage door opening, offering a compact solution for garages that want to retain ceiling space or access to the roof. These doors come with an operator and two hand transmitters as standard. 

Price from: £2665.00 excl. VAT

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Durable foil-coat timber effect finish
  • Rust resistant aluminium lathes are ideal for homes by the coast
  • Electric operator and two 4-button bisecur hand transmitters
  • Safety reversal function in the event of obstruction
  • Spring assisted smooth quiet door action
  • Space saving design with compact box at head of garage door opening
  • Wind locks as standard
  • DuraBelt anti-scratch system

Available Options

  • Manually operated version
  • Removal of barrel casing (optional only on door 2500mm and over)
  • Chamfered bottom profile available only in White or colour. Not available in timber effect finish.
  • Glazing element with clear synthetic pane, window section 120 x 40 mm, black glazing frame on exterior, transparent on interior (maximu of 10 sections per door, number of glazing elements dependent on door width)
  • Motor connection line, 10m - Part Number: 436 523
  • Acoustic Door security kit - Part Number: 436 524
  • Emergency Battery HNA18 - Part Number: 436 298
  • Exterior emergency relelase - Part Number: 436 526
  • Compensation kit
  • Additional facia panel required when fitting a door within the opening (price per metre of door width)
  • BiSecur hand transmitter, 4-channel in black
  • BiSecur hand transmitter mini, 2-channel in black


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