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Visualise Your Door - Terms of Use

By using the “Visualise your door” web application, these terms will automatically apply to you. We therefore request that you read them carefully before using the web application.

We have developed this web application for personal use without cost to enable website visitors to visualise a Garador garage door on an image of their home.

We do not allow anyone to copy or modify the web application in any way. Under no circumstances should you attempt to extract the source code from the website or make a derivative version of the web application. We do not permit you to link to the web application or to embed a version of it on any other website. The web application itself and all content related to the app is, and will remain, the property of Garador Ltd.

Since Garador Ltd’s policy is one of continuous improvement to its products and website, we reserve the right to make changes to the web application without notice.

We will not store any personal information, such as photographs, entered through the “Visualise your door” web application. It is your responsibility to keep your smartphone, tablet or personal computer and access to the web app secure.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in legal action against you by Garador Ltd or their representatives.