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GaraRoll Lite Roller Doors: Smooth Finish


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Smooth Finish

The GaraRoll Lite is an automatic, electrically operated garage door with a smooth paint finish. It offers a modern appearance, built in safety features and an enduring design that will go on and on. The door curtain rolls into the box at the top of the garage door opening, meaning that it works well in garages where ceiling space is limited or access to the garage roof is required. 

Price from: £1349.00 excl. VAT

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Supplied with 2x 433MHz hand transmitters as standard
  • 2 minute internal courtesy light
  • Optical sensor built into floor seal for safety
  • Tubular motor driven design, with emergency handle crank
  • Each aluminium profile is 77mm high and filled with polyurethane rigid foam
  • Reduced guide width to 72mm
  • Curtain box fitted at top of garage door opening is supplied as standard
  • Quick and easy to install with handy-belt system

Available Options

  • Additional 2 button hand transmitter for GaraRoll Lite (please note this hand transmitter only works with GaraRoll Lite).

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